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Making a movie is impossible without wealth, especially to make them with precision. Bill Bright once told our founder, Dr. McAfee that the key in making a film, one must use excellence and not compromise on the funding of the movie. Bill said, "Spend what you need to invest, to ensure the quality of the picture is excellent, just like we did in our film.

A young boy who grew Baptist and a young girl who was entrenched in Catholicism. Even from a distance, their sacred approach to acknowledging God and their place in the history of faith moves us.

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We are not universalists, but we do believe God brings many people together, and sometimes they are even people from different religions who learn to embrace each other's teachings. Our last stop was the Colloseum where some Christians were possibly once martyred for their beliefs.

They loved God so much, they were willing to sacrifice their very lives for what they believed. In the Bible, it talks about the importance of a man being willing to lay down his life, for another. Sacrifice is a key to every great story and part of our heritage of faith. A soldier has always been one of the greatest servants in scripture.

Also, this is exactly the bravery held deep inside of Rose. She would cause her to step out in faith and leave everything she knew to be safe, to journey into a new world and start a new life in another world, but faith would be the tie that binds.

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At one time, the 3, year old city was an epic-center of culture. Rome grew from a "kingdom", to a "republic" and finally into an "empire". It has been said Rome transitioned from glory to tragedy on many fronts. Monuments Men and other motion pictures from the famous Audie Murphy who landed at Anzio Beach were in and around the "taking of such a powerful city". Germany sent their strongest fighters to ensure the Italian theater would remain in their hands, until the Allied Forces took the nation, one battle and one city at a time.

This agony would leave a trail of martyrs for decades. Inside Rome is the Colloseum, which was named for the Collosal Golden Statue of Nero which was an egotistical triumph. Only, parents now name their sons Paul and their dogs they will name as Nero. For the ampitheater was a place recognized for gladiator competion, wild animals and yes, the belief in the persecution of Christians from horrible dictators who loved violence.

Our understanding of the military position of Rome was helpful to understand Italy's place in history even unto the modern age. The largest competitions and combats between gladiators were held within these walls and the more violent, grew greater crowds. Constantine in the 's much later came and made a "Christian citizen" state in Rome and made enormous changes, both positive and negative in his theological and epistimology conclusions.

The Jewish calendar would be compromised and the legacy would include major shifts in perspectives. The world would forever change. However, no change is more present than a cross which stands at the gladiator entrance of the great stadium. This cross signifies in honor of all those who died in this tragic place for the sake of entertainment, for their ultimate sacrifice in honoring Jesus Christ. It was never in the plan for Fred to meet Rossana Ferreti and after six weeks of falling in love, getting married in the middle of World War II, but they did. He believed their love would last, and he was right.

Rossana's father, a Partisan sacrificed his very life for the freedom of all Italy and in doing so, contributed to the Allied Invasion which produced victory against Hitler and the capture of Mussolini in Donga. The Segars family and especially Lorretta, chronicled this story perfectly for our film team and without their support, we would not have accomplished our film team's mutual goals.

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Daily overseas calls brought great victories along the way. Stephanie Musser worked diligently behind the scenes to ensure the shoot on Sand Mountain in Alabama which began this journey was precise as she continued to project manage as the Co-Producer each step of the way. His wife Rachel Gromer played the role of Rossana Ferretti in our important reenactments and wisely found 's apparel for the cinematic journey bringing to life, the spirit of a young couple in love.

Lynn McAfee stewarded the entire process as the administrator and Executive Producer for the trip and carefully watched the details unfold.

White Sand Tuscany - Nüage Designs

Her excellent care in finding all the travel logistics were invaluable along with the production folders which took over a month to create. Kevin and Jim Gromer worked around the clock to finish the beat outline and created a scene by scene development map for the actual screenplay. Historical facts were documented, filmed, recorded in photography and history was made, to preserve a future documentary historical perspective.

This was not just a film about the Camp family, but on the horizon a new documentary highlighting the 88th division with a special recognition of the th division slated for the next trip. These men were heroes and deserve a cinematic review.

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While all of this was going on, over four dozen people were recruited by the Segars family to pray for the film and over Veritas Mission Film Members were praying. A group of Co-Executive Producers continue to scout for the movies. They are seeking to find who the financial partner will be. Who the Executive Producers and equity individuals will be in the feature documentary and feature film are on the horizon, but soon will be resolved thanks to the Segars and GRP Film Members. On all accounts, this is a major effort, if not close to impossible, but our team believes all of these film projects will be fully financed and made for one reason, to use the visual language of film, the art itself and to tell a story and gently nudge people toward a receptive insight about family, faith and freedom.

To the men and women in uniform and to the patriots who wore a different kind of non-uniform, we honor you for your bravery and for your sacrifice.

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In the foreign soil of beautiful Italy, you paid a price we will always remember and we salute you. The role of the typewriter held its place in history during WWII. Sand in Tuscany Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. Happy reading Sand in Tuscany Bookeveryone. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats.

This love inspires all of us even today.

Seven Promises from a Father to His Daughter. Contact Us. Also, the screenplay for the feature film is now completed and will lead the film team into making a narrative film honoring our brave men and women who gave so much for all of us. This is your chance to become a part of this franchise! GRP is proud to announce we will be working on our documentary with a group of the finest film archivists for WWII assembling this exciting film franchise.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we travel to Alabama meeting with corporate executives, military professionals and more on the legacy of WWII and how this great state made a huge impact in the military theater. Join our crusade today and become a part of telling an emotional story of love and patriotism. A beautiful Italian young girl is raised in the sands of Tuscany. She carries the legacy of a rich tradition in her family, and home is always the most important part of life. When in the midst of a Cinderella world, a second world war changes the homes as invasions and troops overwhelm innocent citizens.

An unlikely romance had centered in the midst of a war in Italy. Our story begins with a rural mountain farm-boy from Alabama. The hostile take-over of Italy including the area known as Tuscany where a family lived had become the Italian front in the landscape of their newfound love. For one, they experienced the loss of freedom and the other's family and home were fighting to survive and gain freedom, was being challenged. These were the experiences of the 88th Infantry Division, the first all-draftee division in the army with the great work of the th Combat Engineers and the whole history of the Italian campaign on their shoulders.

The characters in this story are sustained by their faith throughout all their lives, regardless of what they faced. To face war, economic hardship, deprivation, poor health, separation from family, and even death in the most horrific circumstances demands courage and character-building gained at an early age. The characters in this story are great examples of the "Greatest Generation" who learn in their families, communities, and churches how to be honest, hard-working, God-fearing people.

Such people, as do the characters in this story, realize that it is God who watches over them and brings them hope and meaning to life and even death. There would be many hardships in both families and a new love was the last place war would welcome into a harsh reality.